Since I became vegan people have become very interested in my sources of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids, yet during my time as a vegetarian – 23 years – no-one ever mentioned it!

Vegan Protein Sources

People can be a little obsessed with protein but we actually don’t need much of the stuff – around 50g to 60g per day and having too much can be bad for your health (read more about that here).

Take a look at these vegan sources of protein in our handy guide:

vegan sources of protein

Vegan Omega 3 Sources

A vegan diet can lack Omega 3 however it can be replaced really easily by including foods such as fruit and seeds in your diet. The following article by Plenteous Veg lists foods that are naturally high in Omega 3 but also low in Omega 6, which can inhibit the conversion of Omega 3: