baby bear and mum
Update: Heartbreaking news from the US as the Senate have now passed S.J. RES. 18 by a vote of 51 to 47. This now allows the killing of denning wolves and pups, hibernating bears and other animals on supposed national refuge land in Alaska.

In February the US House of Representatives voted to overturn the ‘fair chase’ rule which had banned the use of hunting methods which were felt to be ‘unfair’; such as baiting, traps and snares, using airplanes for tracking and shooting Bears, Wolves and Coyotes on national preserve land in Alaska. The rule also forbade the killing of Bear cubs, mother Bears with cubs and the killing of Wolves and Coyotes during the ‘denning’ season when pups are just being born.

It could very soon be perfectly legal to go into a Bear, Wolf or Coyote’s den and kill the entire family, including the cubs.

There is a petition against this becoming law – please go to and sign and share the petition with your friends.