bottlenose dolphins murdered in japan
Following on from our coverage of the brutal capture and murder of a family of Pilot Whales that saw 51 slaughtered and 1 taken into captivity on 19th November 2015, here is an update on the drive hunts that have followed.

28th November

The Pilot Whale taken into captivity during the drive on 19th November has died. He or she had been being force fed by whale museum trainers in the harbour pens after refusing to eat for 8 days.

29th November

A family of six Risso’s dolphins were driven into the cove and murdered, it all happened very quickly. The family that were swimming freely in the ocean were now dead just two hours later.

16th December

After 16 Blue Cove days, a family of 8 Risso’s dolphins, including one juvenile, were brutally murdered by the hunters of Taiji. The family fought bravely for over five hours and nearly escaped, however they were ultimately unable to escape the evil killers in their vessels.

18th December

The dolphin killers spotted a large pod of Striped dolphins migrating past and a drive began. Around half of the pod managed to escape but 36 Striped dolphins were driven into the killing cove and none were spared. Striped dolphins are seen as unsuitable for captivity and they are always killed for their contaminated flesh.

20th December

A large pod of 90 Bottlenose dolphins were driven into the cove. 30 dolphins were taken into captivity, they are now slaves for the rest of their shortened lives. 30 dolphins passed away due to the brutal selection process and due to extreme shock. The rest of the pod, around 20 dolphins, were driven back to the sea. They contained many babies and juveniles and are unlikely to survive.

5th January 2016

After 15 Blue Cove days with no killings, 15-17 Risso’s dolphins were spotted off of the coast of Taiji and were very quickly driven into the cove. The pod huddled together in terror, none were spared.

6th January

35 beautiful Striped dolphins were located as they migrated past Taiji, they fought for two hours but were ultimately driven into the killing cove and all were murdered in front of their family members.

striped dolphins murdered in Taiji Japan

Striped Dolphins Killed in Taiji, Japan

7th January

A family of Bottlenose dolphins were driven towards the killing Cove at Taiji – half of them thankfully managed to escape just outside the cove, but the rest were driven in and the nets sealed them inside. Trainers came to determine the fate of the dolphins; if they were ‘pretty’ enough, i.e. free from scars and blemishes, they would be taken to be sold into the captivity industry. However the trainers felt that these dolphins were not suitable for sale and so the entire family were murdered in front of each other.

“The global captivity industry is the main driver of the brutal and barbaric hunt and slaughter of thousands of dolphins and whales every year.” Sea Shepherd.

Dolphins are taken from the wild for captivity in brutal drive hunts that kill their families

Although poor dolphins are killed for their Mercury contaminated bodies to be eaten, the dolphin drive hunts are fuelled and financed by the captive dolphin industry. 12 boats go out each day for six months of every year from the small harbour at Taiji, in the Wakayama prefecture of Japan. The dolphins are hunted to either be killed for meat or sold to marine parks. The cost of these hunts however would not be worthwhile without the huge sums – up to $300,000 per dolphin, that can be made from sales to the ‎captivity‬ industry. For meat, dolphins only make around $600 each.

Say no to captivity – never buy a ticket to a facility with captive dolphins or any other mammals. There is no beauty in stolen freedom.

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