palm oil plantation

We’ve been chasing UK based Superdrug for over two months to find out whether the palm oil in their own brand products is sustainably sourced. Below is their response; it seems that they have started the process of switching to sustainable sources but are not quite there yet:

“Thank you for contacting us to clarify our position on Palm Oil. Superdrug did scored low in the questionnaire you mention, this was because at the time we did not have a clear policy on Palm Oil and Palm Oil derived raw materials. We now have a clear commitment to switch to sustainably sourced palm oil or palm oil derivatives where these are commercially available.

Superdrug uses a very small amount of Palm Oil in its own brand products however we are committed to working with our suppliers to switch where possible, and have recently changed many of the products in our Vitamin E range so that they contain certified sustainably sourced palm oil derivatives. We will continue to drive this programme forward as more materials become available.”

Using unsustainable palm oil results in habitat destruction; the effects are instant and animals have no time to adapt. Unscrupulous suppliers kill endangered animals such as elephants, tigers and orangutans to remove them from their habitats more quickly. Recently 14 pygmy elephants were poisoned by chemicals used by farmers to keep animals from eating the palm fruit grown on their plantations.