In a move that has shocked the world, Spain’s top court has overturned Catalonia’s ban on bullfighting; which had been in place since July 2010. The case was brought to the constitutional court in Madrid by the ruling Popular Party – a conservative group fiercely opposed to Catalan Independence.

This huge move backwards is however being challenged by the animal rights party Pacma, whose name in English means ‘the Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals’. Pacma was founded in 2003 with the purpose of defending the rights of animals in Spain and in 2015 the party received over 1 million votes in the national elections.

Ana Bayle, Pacma’s executive member for Catalonia told talk RADIO that their plan of action has not yet been finalised however they will soon be holding a press conference to publish their roadmap.

Bayle said that the decision to overturn the ban and other such decisions that are taken means that “animals are the victims of alien political struggles”, she added that the attempt to effectively force bullfighting on Catalonia makes no economic sense; indeed, she notes, “this sentence highlights the fact that the high court doesn’t want to say anything about the economic viability of bullfighting.”

Bayle said: “It’s one thing that bullfighting was declared [part of Spain’s] cultural heritage back in the day and another thing is the reality that the society is advancing to more respectful values towards the animals and the environment.”

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