faroe islands

The brutal slaughter of Pilot Whales has taken place in the Faroe Islands today with 30 to 50 slaughtered in the ‘traditional’ Grindadráp (whale hunt).

When a pod of 100 to 150 Pilot Whales were spotted near Svinoy, the Faroese took to their boats and herded them into the killing beach at Hvannasund.

The process of being driven into the shore is extremely stressful as the Pilot Whales try desperately to escape the loud noise of the motorboats. For such a sentient, family orientated species, the killings are particularly heinous as family members witness the slow, torturous deaths of their loved ones.

The marine conservation charity Sea Shepherd have been banned from entering the Faroe Islands; where they had previously led successful campaigns to prevent the slaughter of Pilot Whales and other dolphins. One one occasion alone in 2014 they successfully saved a large pod of hundreds of Atlantic white-sided dolphins, for which the Captain of the ship, Jessie Treverton, and the other two crew members of the vessel ‘The Spitfire’ were arrested.

The Danish government, police and and Navy has continually demonstrated its full support for the killings despite it being illegal to harm cetaceans under European law.

Sea Shepherd believe that Pilot Whale and Dolphin meat is being fed to farm raised salmon and have called for a boycott of fish products from the Faroe Islands.

Image: Sea Shepherd