running of the bulls

It is thought that the origin of the running of the bulls festival began in Spain during the early 14th century. Men transporting cattle would try to speed up the process by hurrying them using fear tactics. This eventually turned into a competition and young adults would try to race in front of the bulls. The most well known of the running of the bulls festivals take place in Pamplona, Spain in July of each year.

What most tourists don’t know is that all of the bulls who run in the streets will later on be killed in the bullfighting arena.

Before the run takes place the bulls are purposely kept in darkness, so that when they are eventually released they are blinded by the daylight.

People hit them with rolled-up newspapers. The panicked bulls can lose their footing and crash into walls, sometimes breaking bones and suffering other injuries. At the end of each day of the festival they will be stabbed to death.