faroese dolphin killers

Yesterday 142 Pilot whales were killed by the Faroese with the support of the Royal Danish Navy on the beach at Torshaven; the capital of the Faroe Islands. 1,100 people took part in the orgy of killing, with over 100 boats backed up by two Danish Navy warships; the TRITON and the KNUT RASMUSSEN.

Earlier on the same day, over 100 Pilot Whales were brutally slaughtered on the island of Vagur.

Sea Shepherd had four brave volunteers arrested at Vagur; two on the beach by the Faroese police and two arrested at sea by the Danish Navy. Last night another volunteer was arrested at Torshaven and a second had his camera taken and video evidence deleted.

This morning five Sea Shepherd volunteers remain locked up in a Faroese jail on charges of wilful compassion for trying to interfere with a ‘Grind’ the name given to the drive hunts.

This short video shows everything; the moronic mentality of those participating in the Grinds, the pitiful screams of the innocent Pilot Whales – so trusting of humans – and the bravery of the Sea Shepherd Team Leader Rosie Kunnekke who tried to stop this abomination.

“Despite the fact that killing whales is illegal under European Union regulations, the government of Denmark has thrown their weight behind the killers. Sea Shepherd as a non-governmental organization that practises non-violent intervention is at a complete disadvantage against two Danish warships, their helicopters and their small flotilla of commandos in fast small boats plus the boats and officers belonging to the Faroese police.” Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd.


Images Copyright: Sea Shepherd