Rissos murdered in Taiji
A 13th family pod of Risso’s dolphins was brutally slaughtered in Taiji, Japan on 18th November; just two days after another pod was wiped out on the 16th November. On each occasion the killers murdered the entire pod, including babies and juveniles, before transporting their bodies to the Taiji meat plant where they will remain stockpiled. There is little demand for their meat, they are killed purely to satisfy the bloodlust and greed of these evil ‘hunters’. This innocent, loving family has been murdered, stolen from the oceans and from each other, and for nothing.

So far this season, since 1st September, at least 150 Risso’s dolphins have been murdered in the killing cove at Taiji. Bottlenose dolphins and Pilot Whales have also been slaughtered with a few of their pods taken into captivity for a lifetime of slavery.

Rissos murdered in Taiji

Photo taken from a drive hunt on 16th November in Taiji.
Image copyright Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians.
A mother and her baby spend their last moments together, they were both murdered shortly after this photo was taken.