pilot whales murdered in taiji japan

On 21st November 2015, two family pods of Pilot Whales, containing many juveniles, were captured in Taiji, Japan. For three days they were netted in the infamous Taiji Cove, left without food or water and not knowing their fate or the fate of their loved ones. The world looked on and wondered also what their fate would be – captivity or slaughter.

The loyal, loving families experienced their last moments together and in the ocean, never to know freedom again.

One Pilot Whale was ripped away from its family early on, they tried to prevent him or her being taken from them but they could not compete with the killers and trainers working together. After three days of unimaginable suffering and cruelty, out of approximately 60 or more Pilot Whales, only 15 or so juveniles were released, some dying whilst being driven back out to the ocean. The rest of the juveniles are highly unlikely to survive but they are released so their deaths don’t count against the killer’s quota. The young Pilot Whale taken into captivity refused to eat and eventually died, joining the rest of his or her family who were murdered for their mercury contaminated bodies – not fit for human consumption.  

Please never pay to see a dolphin show, the captive dolphins you see are forced to perform for dead fish in tiny pools and are highly likely to come from the brutal Taiji dolphin drive hunts, or they will be descended from a dolphin taken from the ocean in this way. Remember, there is no beauty in stolen freedom.

Pilot Whales trapped in the nets

Image: Sea Shepherd. Pilot Whales trapped in the nets

Read more about Sea Shepherd’s campaign to end the dolphin drive hunts in Taiji

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