Cruel Canadian Seal Slaughter Begins Again

‘A lone baby harp seal cried on a ice floe off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The seal was only about 14 days old, and she had already witnessed a lifetime of horror. Hunters had come there. They hadn’t killed her, but they’d shot and beaten all of her friends, who were a few days older than her. Now, only their blood remained. As the baby seal crawled across the ice, crying out in confusion, her white fur soaked in their red blood.’ (The Dodo, 28 March 2017).

Each year the snow and ice off Canada’s East Coast becomes stained with the blood of thousands of baby seals, cruelly clubbed or shot to death for their fur, which is then sold to make luxury items. Often they will be skinned alive. The killings are carried out by Canadian fishermen and paid for by the Canadian government. Fishermen have emptied the oceans of fish and now blame seals and dolphins for their empty nets, therefore they are only too glad to make extra money from killing these innocent creatures.

Fortunately there is pressure on the Canadian government for the slaughters to stop from marine conservation and animal welfare organisations, along with well known celebrities; such as Brigitte Bardot, PETA Honorary Director Pamela Anderson and Sea Shepherd supporter and actress Michelle Rodriguez. This has ensured that the market for seal fur is getting smaller each year, with Switzerland being the latest country to ban seal fur.

Despite the clear and much reported evidence of the extreme cruelty of the seal hunt and the huge global public outcry against it, the Canadian government continues to pour money into the industry.

The seals have other issues threatening their survival, with the ice sheets they rely on to give birth each year disappearing at an alarming rate.

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Please never ever buy fur, even if you believe it to be fake. We must remove the demand for any fur products. Then perhaps fur bearing animals will be allowed to live in peace.