Animals Stranded On ‘The Ocean Outback’ In Latest Live Export Outrage

Animals stranded on the Ocean Outback

On 29th December 2015, ‘The Ocean Outback’ live export ship set off from Fremantle, Australia for Israel with 5,500 cows and around 7,500 sheep. It had barely left the inner harbour before an engine broke down and it was forced to remain there with the animals on-board. After 12 days and deteriorating conditions, 3 cows and 30 sheep had died.

The exporter, Otway Livestock Exports, sold the livestock to the exporter Wellard. The sheep were offloaded at Fremantle and will now be either slaughtered locally or scheduled for re-export in the future. The cows are en-route to markets in south east Asia and face slaughter whilst fully conscious in inhumane conditions.

The Australian livestock export market is the largest in the world (2.44 million sheep were exported to markets in Asia and the Middle East in 2012, reduced from 4.2 million in 2008 (source: Wikipedia), however other countries also live export animals for slaughter, including Britain.

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All Images Copyright: K. Love, Stop Live Exports