Taiji Dolphin Slaughter
On the 19th December the Taiji dolphin killers drove a large mixed pod of Bottlenose dolphins and Pilot Whales into the killing cove. The pod contained many juveniles and babies. They were held overnight while the killers went home to rest. The next morning the killers separated the pod into two separate groups; the first group consisted of mostly Bottlenose dolphins, of which 4 were taken into a miserable life in captivity.

Approximately 22-25 dolphins and whales were killed on the 20th December. The remainder of the pod were held for a second night. They had eaten no food since before their capture and had witnessed their family being manhandled and slaughtered. They now swam in their blood.

On the second day the remaining juvenile dolphins and whales were forced into slings and dumped out at sea in different locations, their chances of survival are slim to none. Some of these calves are possibly under a year old and without their mother’s milk, they are very likely to die. Calves usually nurse until they are 3 or 4 years old.

One Pilot Whale died from stress and trauma. The killers tried to hide its body as they took it into the butcher house. This Pilot Whale won’t count against the killer’s quota.

After being held for 2 days in the cove, this peaceful mixed pod of Bottlenose dolphins and Pilot Whales were either slaughtered, taken for captivity or dumped at sea. There were a total of 4 captives taken and considering that captured dolphins can be sold for up to around $300,000 each, it was a very profitable weekend for the town of Taiji.

Please follow the fantastic Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians to find out the latest news from Taiji.