Despite overwhelming evidence proving the cruel Badger cull is actually exacerbating the problem of Bovine TB in cattle (read more here), the government have rolled out the cull to even more counties this year and given a target of 14,000 Badgers to be killed.

Badger cull targets for 2016

Devon: Minimum 3,358, maximum 4,558
Cornwall: Minimum 2,173, maximum 2,950
Gloucestershire: Minimum 1,691, maximum 2,628
Dorset: Minimum 1,672, maximum 2,350
Herefordshire: Minimum 872, maximum 1,183
Somerset: Minimum 75, maximum 544

Source: Natural England

In a BBC article Rosie Woodroffe from the Zoological Society of London said the new, higher targets would be “hugely costly for farmers and taxpayers” and there was no evidence to support them.

“The scale of the rollout is huge,” Prof Woodroffe told BBC News. “Farmers will be required to kill almost 10,000 badgers at a minimum before the end of November – and yet the government has released no evidence that farmer-led culling is helping to control cattle TB.

You can help – sett surveying is still needed, day and night patrols, supplies and help with cooking is desperately needed at Badger Camps, as well as help with fuel costs. Contact your local Sab group for more information.