bristol uni kills animals
For World Week of Action For Animals In Laboratories, the anti-animal testing organisation, Animal Justice Project, last night held a protest in Bristol, UK against Bristol University. The university has repeatedly refused to respond to the group’s Freedom of Information requests with regards to its animal testing. Protesters stood on a footbridge over the approach to the busy M32 motorway and held illuminated signs against the night sky that read out ‘Bristol Uni Kills Animals’. Drivers responded with beeps in support.

The hidden, largely forgotten, victims of animal testing suffer behind the closed doors of Universities worldwide. Subjected to appalling, useless experiments, often abused, always neglected and starved of love, these animals include monkeys, dogs, cats, mice and rats and more.

According to the organisation, 4 million experiments take place on animals each year; half of these at universities. Their ‘Campus Without Cruelty‘ campaign aims to educate both students and staff of the animal experimentation taking place at their universities.

Animal Justice Project said of their protest “We are here specifically to focus on Bristol University for two reasons. The first reason is their complete failure to respond to freedom of information requests over several years. The second reason is because of the cruel animal experiments that we have uncovered as an organisation. Half of all animal experimentation takes place at universities and we believe this is unacceptable.”

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Image source: Animal Justice Project