namibian seal slaughter

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Due to the Canadian Seal Slaughter not usually meeting its huge annual quota of seals, Namibia is the number one seal killing nation in the world. Every year from the beginning of July during a 139 day season of terror, a minimum of 80,000 cape fur seal pups will be beaten and stabbed to death with spiked wooden clubs.

This takes place in seal reserves in Cape Cross and Atlas Bay, Namibia. The terrified pups are usually between 7 and 11 months old and are captured from their panic-stricken mothers. A further 6,000 adult bull seals will also be slaughtered. The pup’s pelts are sold for the manufacture of clothing and the bull’s genitals are sold to Asian markets to be used as aphrodisiacs.


The Namibian government has previously defended the barbaric hunt by claiming that it is carried out to protect fish stocks, however less than 30% of the cape fur seals diet is made up from what commercial fisheries are targeting.

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