factory farming chickens

In the UK alone, 850 million animals and hundreds of millions of fish are killed every year to put meat on tables – that’s more than three million animals each day.


Factory farms are so-called because of their large, industrialised operations which focus on profit rather than animal welfare. They raise and slaughter extremely high numbers of animals for food and by-products such as leather. In the USA over 99% of farm animals are raised in factory farms.

Animals are crammed into small spaces and will often have no access to the outdoors. Their natural behaviours are denied to them and they suffer physical and mental distress. They are at the mercy of the employed farm workers and there is lots of evidence available (link opens in new window) of animals suffering abuse from violent individuals. Farm animals are subjected to painful mutilations without anaesthetic; such as tail docking, castration, de-beaking, de-horning and so on.

The environmental impacts from factory farming are high – land, water and air pollution are major problems. The water needed to produce one pound of meat is 2,500 gallons, compared to the 25 gallons needed to produce one pound of wheat.

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