down productionUnbelievably, despite the abundance of man-made materials, the use of bird down feathers in items including feathers, duvets and jackets is still incredibly common.

What many people don’t realise is that these poor birds will have their sensitive down feathers ripped out of them while they are still alive and with no anaesthetic. This causes immense pain and will rip their skin. Birds often have their wounds roughly sewn up afterwards, again with no pain relief.

Many farmers make extra money by selling the feathers of birds sent to the slaughterhouse, here they will be improperly stunned and immersed in scalding hot water to remove their feathers – whilst still alive.

“The men and women from the brigades work without feeling, grabbing terrified geese by their wings or legs, sometimes breaking them, always hurting them, as they tear out the birds’ feathers. When it’s over and the birds are bleeding, the wounds are roughly sewn up with a needle and thread without any anaesthetic. When their feathers grow back after about five weeks, it happens all over again — and all so you can have a nice winter coat.” Read more at the Daily Mail

Read PETA’s investigation into down production for more information.

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