In the cat and dog meat trade in China, North and South Korea and other Asian countries, there is a belief that the more pain suffered by the creature before death, the better their meat will taste. Therefore millions of cats and dogs experience the worst agonies before their eventual slaughter.


These dogs are being boiled alive in the belief that the horrific pain will make their meat taste better.





Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Photo Credit: Billy H.C.Kwok


Despite opposition from Chinese and worldwide activists, the barbaric Yulin Dog Meat Festival still went ahead in June 2014. Around 10,000 dogs are killed every year for the festival, including breeds such as Dalmations, Labradors and Tibetan Mastiffs. Many of the dogs slaughtered are stolen pets.

Animal rights activists attend the festival to buy the dogs they can – at over-inflated prices – in order to release them and to try to give water to those awaiting slaughter.


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