animal testing mouse factory farming whaling taiji dolphin drive hunts

There are many issues that affect animals, here is a selection of them…

Animal Rights

Animal Testing

Animals in Captivity

Aquariums & Dolphinariums

The Circus

Badger Cull

Bear Baiting

Bear Bile Farming


Commercial Fishing

Dairy Industry

Dog and Cat Meat Trade

Down Production

Elephant Rides

Factory Farming

Foie Gras

Fur Trade

Horse Racing

Human Encroachment and Habitat Destruction

Hunting and Poaching

Canadian Seal Slaughter

Faroe Island Pilot Whale Drive Hunts

Fox Hunting

Namibian Seal Slaughter

Palm Oil

Peru Dolphin Hunting

Taiji Dolphin Drive Hunts


Live Export

Monkeys Enslaved For Entertainment And To Pick Coconuts


Seismic Blasting

Shark Finning

Shark Nets