soy milk

A professional ballerina who battled with chronic eczema for years has learnt how to cure herself by following a plant-based diet.

17 year-old Saskia Gregson-Williams who lives in London spoke about her condition ‘I used to describe it as a snood of eczema, as it covered all around my neck and all over the rest of my body. I was never diagnosed with any allergies or given treatments that cured it, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.’

Now a food blogger at Naturally Sassy, Saskia shares her healthy recipes to help others.  She found that dairy was one of the main causes of inflammation.  She said ‘I took the radical decision to completely cut dairy out of my diet, and within a month my eczema had disappeared – it was amazing,’ she said. ‘My eczema had been really mentally weighing me down, it was so sore and inflamed and made me very insecure. The difference in my confidence, energy levels and happiness when it disappeared were really noticeable.’